Research Trip to Dungu and Faradje

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24th of August – 27th of September

Author: Hélène Flaam


During this field trip, Hélène Flaam joined the local research team of SAIPED in the Dungu territory, Haut-Uele. A range of respondents, justice providers, promoters and beneficiaries were interviewed. Respondents included customary chiefs, representatives of civil society and humanitarian organizations, lawyers, police officers, state officials, camp chiefs, and of course IDPs themselves. Furthermore, almost 400 respondents participated in a survey that covered justice issues and experiences of litigants. IDPs as well as non-displaced people were questioned.

The situation here is quit different than around Faradje, which is a more remote area than Dungu. After the LRA attacks in 2008, known as the Christmas massacres, Dungu was overwhelmed with international NGOs and agencies. However, since last year, its number is decreasing rapidly.

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